What We Scored On Huckberry – January ’16

If you’re not familiar with Huckberry, that should change as soon as possible. The site a great go-to spot for any man looking for gear, clothing, or basically whatever cool stuff you’d hope to find on a blog or a website. The best part is that Huckberry not only aggregates the gear, they also will frequently sell it at discounts. Individual brands will create their own Huckberry stores or the site itself will curate lists for your shopping glory. This month on Huckberry, there were some excellent deals. Below, we highlight our picks for what we scored in January.


huckberry chapter knife by the james brand

Huckberry Chapter Knife by The James Brand

The Huckberry Chapter Knife was made exclusively for the site by The James Brand. A classic blade design with a single fold, the knife was made to be minimal, subtle, but extremely useful. The high quality and appearance ensure that this titanium and stainless steel knife will be usable for years to come.

Buy Now $300


beer tasting kit glassware by sample

Beer Tasting Kit Glassware by Sempli

Craft beer is exploding and it’s time to make sure you’re ready to drink each type of beer in the perfect glass. The Monti Tasting Set features four glasses specifically designed for IPAs and Pilsners, in a pint or a twelve-ounce brew size. Not only do the bottles aim to enhance the profile of any excellent beer you drink, they also just look super cool.

Buy Now $85



u turn orbit plus turntable

U-Turn Orbit Plus turntable

Any music aficionado needs to have a turn table. Whether you truly enjoy the sound of vinyl or you just need to reaffirm your true love for music, U-Turn Audio’s Orbit Plus is an excellent device that will bring vinyl into 2016. With all the features you’d hope for and an excellent white finish, the player is great to use and to look at. Order now and they’ll also include a free record.

Buy Now $309


sonos 2 room starter

Sonos 2 Room Starter

Sonos is well established in the smart speaker world but that doesn’t mean they’re falling behind. Still a leader, the Sonos 2 Room Starter Set is an excellent place to start. This set comes with two wireless Play:1 speakers that you can merge or play separately, all from the Sonos app on your smart phone, tablet or computer. The design and quality are as good as ever.

Buy Now $350


wool chore jacket by apolis

Wool Chore Jacket By Apolis

Every man should have a classic work coat in a dark color, either a navy/indigo or black. The Wool Chore Coat by Apolis comes in Indigo and with an exclusive wool fabric composition, it will keep you equal parts warm and stylish into the day. The coat looks great, with details including a rounded collar, pocket flaps and a raglan shoulder leading to a professional yet rugged appearance.

Buy Now $249


original chippewa 6 service boot

Original Chippewa 6” Service Boot

It’s that time of year where the boots are coming out as the temperatures drop. Luckily, the Original Chippewa 6” Service Boot has us all covered, combining American craftsmanship with premium design. As a six inch boot, it’s high enough to be worn in most scenarios, from chopping wood to pairing with jeans at the office. Featuring tons of leather and a broken in feel, these boots are ready to go on day one.

Buy Now $230


timex weekender with chronograph

The Timex Weekender with Chronograph

This Timex Weekender is a great value, at under $150 for an attractive and sturdy watch. The time piece has a functioning chronograph on its navy face, with basically everything you could want from a watch squeezed into an efficient package. The 40mm face is just big enough without being obtrusive, and the leather strap adds that finishing touch to make it a complete package.

Buy Now $115


cumberland hat by whistler civilian

The Cumberland hat by Whistler Civilian

Hats are in and it’s time to catch up. The Whisler Civilian Cumberland hat is a great place to start, as it is a good looking piece that is handmade to order in the U.S. The hat is designed to always hold its brim shape, saving you headaches and hours of primping. Made of 100% rabbit fur felt with a vintage leather band, the 3.25” brim hat will add a dash of Western style to your wardrobe.

Buy Now $90


bomber barrel by bomber and company

Bomber Barrel by Bomber & Company

The Bomber Barrel by Bomber & Company is an amazing duffle bag which, like many awesome products did, started on Kickstarter. The company was able to raise over $400k on Kickstarter for this durable, stylish and highly functional duffle. With features like an inner pocket, outer pocket, a lightweight design and weather resistance, it’s a great and versatile bag for your travel needs.

Buy Now $90

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