The Whiteboard Gets a Digital Makeover – Introducing Google Jamboard

Google has unveiled the Jamboard, its next innovative technology aiming to evolve the way we work. The Jamboard operates as a digital whiteboard in conjunction with G Suite. You sketch out your ideas with the bundled stylus just like you would with a regular presentation, what’s different about the Jamboard is its cloud connectivity. Whatever you sketch is automatically saved to your Google Drive account for you to share with co-workers from all over the globe. In turn, you can download data to your Jamboard and make the necessary adjustments.

google jamboard with movable stand

Jamboard is designed to speed up collaboration among your teams with a 55-inch 4k display that features a best-in-class touch response time. Combine this with a built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, and you have everything you require for a presentation. Companion apps for iOS and Android allow workmates anywhere on the planet to follow along and if they have a tablet, they can take advantage of the editing tools to make changes from the smaller screen. The Jamboard merges the world of physical and digital in a way that Google are renowned for. The Jamboard is set for release in 2017.

Check it out

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