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Why Food and Wine Go Better in Groups

In Partnership with The Group

Some things aren’t designed to be enjoyed alone. Food, drinks, sports or even an Aussie summer; are all better appreciated with good company. It’s no secret we especially love our food and wine, but when you come together as one, something magical happens.

“Aussies love any opportunity to catch-up with mates,” celebrity chef and The Group ambassador Matt Moran says. “The experience of dining and enjoying food and drink brings us together. When you share a meal, you share your culture and you share stories, it is what makes us better as people.”

Down Under, we see the power of teaming up on the footy field or in the community every day, and now, we’re seeing it in the vineyards. The local Australian growers and farmers responsible for the wine that brings us together have joined forces themselves. Meet The Group, that has partnered with a Grower-Owned collective.

Collectively Better

We all know it’s harder out there riding solo. In fact, almost everything is improved by teamwork; try outrunning a relay team by yourself. So, when an Australian Grower-Owned Collective comprising of over 100 growers and vineyards from leading wine regions like Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale band together to produce the highest quality wine they can, you better believe they are onto a winning formula. Unsung heroes of the local wine scene, this collective has supplied some of Australia’s finest winemakers with fruit for more than 70 years and now, thanks to new wine label The Group, they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve.

“The Group’s philosophy of focusing on growers’ efforts and the connection back to the origins of the grapes that create the wine is what resonated with me,” says McLaren Vale grape grower Jock Harvey. “It definitely makes us, as a collective, want to try even harder to produce the very best fruit we can.”

The Group, in partnership with the Grower-Owned Collective, has crafted a line of authentic premium South Australian wines. For the growers, many of whom have been hit hard by the recent bushfires and uncertainty of COVID, working collaboratively with the label opens up new possibilities for business as well as provide a sense of security so their vineyards can thrive and grow. For The Group, it means access to some of our nation’s very best grapes to make a bloody great drop!

“If you want to cook an amazing dish, you’d partner directly with the best producers, ensuring that you source only the highest quality ingredients, every time,” Moran says. “This is exactly what The Group has done for their range of premium wines. By partnering with a Grower-Owned Collective, The Group is able to select the best grapes to make sure that you get to enjoy the most honest, authentic and finest wine possible.”

Supporting Local

“When you get produce directly from the source, you back some of Australia’s most important industries,” Moran says. “With The Group, you are helping families that have been growing grapes in South Australia for generations.”

It’s something the chef and fourth-generation farmer lives and breathes himself. The pioneer of the paddock-to-plate philosophy in Australia, Moran has put community suppliers at the forefront of his multi-award-winning restaurants, recognising the local heroes behind the big names.

“The majority of the produce we use at our restaurants either comes directly from the farmer, or from our own private micro-farm,” he explains. “When you have that transparency, you wind up with something that is just pure. It’s a legacy we need to maintain, whether its food or wine, and  by purchasing The Group wines, we’re able to continue supporting the unsung heroes of our great wine industry.”

The Group Wines

The Group has collaborated with the Grower-Owned Collective to unveil five inaugural releases, and in a subtle reference to The Group’s Collectively Better mantra each bottle makes use of a collective noun (shadow of jaguars, fever of stingrays). Among the new drops you’ll find;

  • The Murder 2017 McLaren Vale Shiraz 750ml – RRP $34.00
  • The Shadow 2019 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 750ml- RRP $34.00
  • The Quiver 2019 McLaren Vale Grenache 750ml – RRP $34.00
  • The Fever 2018 McLaren Vale Grower Blend – RRP $34.00
  • The Siege 2019 McLaren Vale Shiraz (Limited Edition) 750ml – $70.00

While the branding is clever and unique, The Group is a venture that remains, at its core, a celebration of the local, real people behind the label. From the bright red fruit and cherries that emerge from The Shadow Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir to the silky dark flavours of The Murder McLaren Vale Shiraz, The Group captures the essence of hard-working Australian grape growers in each and every bottle. Strong, stoic and better together, some things are just Collectively Better.

The Group Wines is currently available at Liquorland & First Choice Liquor Market nationally.

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