How to Win at Valentine’s Day – Gift Guide

By Jasmin Martin

I love Valentine’s Day, but that’s no surprise because I’m a woman and this “holiday” was created for me (and probably conceptualized by one of my own). As a female, I get the joy of knowing  that every year retailers go crazy for red and pink heart shaped everything in preparation for Valentine’s Day. I’m also aware that every year on the morning of February 14th, confused guys are standing in a card aisle, trembling,  trying to pick the best way to say  “I love you” off a shelf. Not okay to wait until the last minute to do your VDay shopping, fellas.

I understand the amount of pressure placed on men to deliver on Valentine’s Day can be  crippling. I know the thought of Cupid leaves some men terrified of even waking up the morning of February 14th. Unfortunately, you can’t sleep away Valentine’s Day and the longer you wait to get your gift(s)  together, the worse your options are.

This year, I’m here to help cure your Valentine’s Day anxiety with some gift ideas that won’t just woo your lady, but will make her think you’ve spent all year planning. And who knows, if you follow my suggestions she might even let you do that thing you’ve been asking her for (and it’s not your birthday or Christmas)…


valentine gifts flowers roses

Above: 25 Red Roses by Flora Queen

The same way you say “I’m sorry” is also how you can say “I love you”, and the good folks over at 1800 Flowers and FloraQueen want to help you know the difference. A dozen long stemmed red roses is nice, but it’s so typical. Why not switch it up this year? Break your VDay routine and check out their selection of unique floral arrangements including orchids, bamboo plants and  hydrangeas and show off your spontaneous side.

Pro tip: If you’re not feeling the orchid idea and you’re still into tradition, stick with roses…but go BIG. Instead of a dozen roses, go for 2 dozen. Bigger is always better (I know you’ve heard that before).

Sweet Like Chocolate

valentine gifts sweet like chocolate

Above: The Sleekster Valentine Selection by Hotel Chocolat

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the way to a woman’s heart has to have something to do with chocolate. From the sweetest of white chocolate to the most bitter of dark chocolate, we don’t care what’s in the box as long as it is chocolate. British cocoa connaisseur, Hotel Chocolat has made it easy for you to charm your admirer with a variety of chocolate sets. Alcohol infused, vegan, gluten free, or packed with nuts (watch it)  they will have it boxed and ready for you to help you seal the deal.

Pro tip: When it comes to chocolate, you can never have too much. Of course do the boxed chocolate thing, but if you want to add a little pizzazz to your present, add some chocolate covered fruit like strawberries.

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Romantic Getaway

romantic getaway hotels

Above: 70 Park Avenue, New York

Aahh, the hotel stay; the go-to romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day right after flowers and chocolate. Instead of just dragging her to the bed like a caveman, the guys over at Superbreak have a better idea to help romanticize the occasion and make her feel like royalty. Browse their fabulous hotels online and whisk her away to her own personal (miniature) version of a castle. With tons of fabulous, big brand hotels available at discount, you’re sure to get a lot of bang for your buck and find the best option to help fulfill your lady’s fantasies. All hail the queen!

Pro tip: when you book your hotel, make an event of out the evening and arrange for dinner to be served in your room instead of in the in hotel restaurant. That way, you have all the quality of fine dining with all the perks of private dining.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift (Editor’s Pick)

diy valentine day gift love is art

Nothing brings people together quite like creating something cool. With that in mind, get ready to create something cool and get close…real close. The Love Is Art kit is an intimate paint kit that allows you and your partner to create a beautiful work of art using the best masterpiece known to man – the human body. Dress yourselves up in non-toxic body paint and get down and dirty while crafting a one-of-a-kind abstract painting. Roll around or walk about, there’s no wrong way to customize your artwork. Have fun and express your love by putting it on canvas to be viewed later as a lasting reminder of a wild time.

Pro Tip: typically DIY inferes a few parts. a few pieces and a whole lotta mess! The Love Is Art paint kit comes with a painter’s tarp, disposable slippers, and even a body scrubber to help get paint out of your unmentionables. How thoughtful!

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Something Sexy

how to win at valentines day

Above: Boobie, bra, suspender and brief by Agent Provocateur 

Corsets, and balconettes and boy shorts, oh my! Finally, a Valentines Day gift that can actually benefit men. Treat your lady (and consequently, yourself) to the finest of luxury lingerie with options from Agent Provocateur. Select from a myriad of barely there or not there at all undies that will bring out her inner seductress. Help her to feel sexy as she gets in character, while you sit back and enjoy the show. Bravo! Fingers crossed for an encore…

Pro Tip: typically men avoid going clothes shopping in fear of having the “this doesn’t fit me, you obviously think I’m fat” conversation. To avoid being shamed for not knowing the difference between a B and a Double D, sneak into her drawer and check for her sizes before you make a purchase.

Hit the Stores

viktor and rolf flowerbomb set

Above: Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Set

You’ve decided to back away from the computer and actually shop for your darling in a department store – good for you! Nordstrom, a fan favorite with women everywhere, lays it all out for you with only the best of VDay presents. Go section by section and check out all the designer offerings to complete your Valentine’s Day goody bag.

Pro tip: if you’re going to go department store shopping,  you gotta have a game plan. Know what you’re looking for or you’ll be wandering in circles for hours. Keep it classy and gift your girl with perfume, treat her feet with shoes or bedazzle your babe with jewelry (remember diamonds are a girl’s best friend!). If that’s too tall of an order for you, just give her a gift card. Nothing says, “ I tried, but not that hard” like a gift card.