Winston Churchill Loves the Late Hour and Cigars

The Winston Churchill Late Hour Cigar pays homage to a great man who bucked convention. Churchill found his muse in the late hours. When all the rest of the world was asleep, Churchill was awake, finding inspiration and creativity in the solitude of the dark night. The Late Hour Cigar by Davidoff of Geneva is the perfect cigar to emulate Churchill’s example.

winston churchill cigar in a box

The Cigar is made of tobacco that has been aged for six months in Scotch single malt whisky casks. Aging in the casks gives the tobacco a unique complexity. There’s a mix of heady flavours, which stimulates the palate. A mix of Nicaraguan Condega Visus tobacco and two different Dominican Visus tobaccos are tied together with a Mexican binder.

The result is a cigar with the flavour of black pepper, dark coffee, sweetness, old leather, wood, and spiciness. The darkness of the challenges Churchill faced is represented by the shiny and oily Habano Ecuador wrapper with a dark chocolate colour. An added bonus of the cigar is a specially created cigar liquor glass that has notches to hold a cigar. The glass was mouth blown by a European glassware expert. The glass is available in a set of two.

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