Ethically sourced cocaine

UK Drug Dealers are Reportedly Charging Premiums for ‘Ethically Sourced’ Cocaine

Foolish partygoers in the UK believe they’ve been purchasing “ethically sourced” cocaine. According to The Daily Mail, wealthy users have been buying the product dubbed ‘woke coke’ to suit their vegan lifestyle. Drug dealers have promoted the coke as ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘organic’, claiming well-paid farmers produce it. Well, how thoughtful of you, drug dealers! Always the humanitarian type…

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Woke Coke Con

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However, experts have warned these promises are baseless and is nothing but a savvy marketing ploy, taking advantage of bleeding heart drug takers. Drug Policy expert Neil Woods called the move a ‘woke coke con’ and told the Daily Mirror there is no way to produce environmentally friendly or ethically sourced cocaine.

He told the publication: ‘I have been shown ads for “environmentally friendly sniff” but it’s nothing but a very clever marketing ploy. ‘At £200 a gram, I call it the “woke coke con”,’ adding that it was a new wat boost the ‘obscene’ profits for drug lords involved in the UK drug trade.

In October of last year, Former soap actress Davina Taylor revealed celebrities were being easily scammed, as it appealed to their lifestyle choices. She previously said: ‘In Chiswick everyone’s got woke coke – it’s from ‘sustainable sources’ in South America. They’re like, “Hi, darling, I’ve got woke coke. It’s all PC, £200 a gram”. They’ve got their vegan food, their organic wine and their woke coke and a spliff going.

Before Brits take another sustainable sniff to ease their conscience, they should think again, according to Columbian aid worker Bibiana Villota. She told the Mirror: ‘I’ve never heard of woke coke but I can tell you, no one in Colombia produces cocaine “ethically”. Villota continued, ‘What you call fair trade cocaine is only going to bring more greed and bloodshed.’

Ethical or not, data published from a UK government report suggests cocaine usage is on the rise and has become the most commonly used class A drug, with around 976,000 users. The market for the product has become worth an astonishing £2 billion (AUD$3.16 billion).

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