Woo-Collective ‘Liquor Perfection Collection’ Decanter Set

Based in Taipei, Woo Collective is run by local designers, who started the company to revive the traditional Taiwanese tin craftsmanship. An example of their inventive work is the Woo-Collective Liquor Perfection Decanter, an awesome and stylish way to decant liquor. These guys won the 2017 Red Dot Design Award for this exact design.

spiral decanter set full view

Decanting a robust red is a great way to give the wine some air, which in turn softens off the tannins and eases the inherent astringency. By using a tool like this, you can easily give enough air to any fine drop as it flows down the corkscrew-shape and into the crystal decanter chamber.

Tin is a great material for utensils of all kinds. It is easy-to-clean, non-toxic and odourless, so it won’t interfere with your top-shelf liquor. In addition to this, it doesn’t easily oxidise. Tin is also great because it lends the utensil a decorative appeal perfect for modern kitchens.

liquor decanter set poured in glass

The Liquor Perfection Collection consists of a two-piece set, which includes a ball and a stick decanter for helping to give extra air to drinks

The spiral shape of the tin decanting stick by Woo-Collective mimics the look of flowing water. The liquor will pour through the tin spiral in a beautiful stream. This process will result in a mellow, smooth drink that is delicious on the palate.

Check it out

spiral set of decanting glass

decanting stick

decanting stick into wine glass

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