Workhorse Unveiled the SureFly Personal Aircraft at the Paris Air Show

A new simple, yet stylish personal aircraft was unveiled at this year’s Paris Air Show. This chopper is simplistic in its design making it easy to fly. It takes just 20 hours of pilot training since it is classified as a light-sport craft.

The Surefly Personal Aircraft is the brainchild of USA-based Workhorse Group. This chopper goes to show that smaller aircraft companies can make headlines. The personal vertical takeoff and landing quadcopter style aircraft looks like it has an automobile chassis rather than a chopper airframe. Eight single-blade propellers lift the chopper off the ground. Foldable arms reach out and form an X above the center of the cabin. The cabin safely seats a pilot and one passenger. Under the cabin are two simple skids.

surefly personal aircraft top view

The SureFly features both a gas-powered combustion engine and a dual parallel lithium ion battery packs. These can power the motors in the event of engine failure. They also help cut down time between flights by significantly reducing the time needed recharge. A ballistic parachute adds another layer of safety. In the event that the chopper goes down, it would shoot straight into the air providing a safe landing.

surefly personal aircraft on the ground

The Surefly features simply controls as the name would suggest. An easy-to-use joystick propels the chopper forward, yaw and sideways. There are control buttons for altitude and the throttle is automatically adjusted by the on-board computer. The on-board computer is pretty advanced and helps assist the pilot in safely operating the aircraft.

Check it out

surefly personal aircraft side shape

surefly personal aircraft seats

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