World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips by S:t Eriks and the Swedish National Culinary Team

I’m the ultimate chip connoisseur. I believe whoever discovered potatoes deserves to be crafted a golden statue to be put as one of the wonders of the world. I was therefore salivating when I heard that S:t Eriks and the Swedish National Culinary Team came together and created the most sophisticated potato chips in the world. The packaging alone is unlike any snack you’ve ever seen, with carefully constructed square slots and a gold font that perfectly complements the black box it comes in. And to show you why it tops every other chip in the world, let me take you through the high-class ingredients used to create this. Disclaimer alert, all these will be spelt in capital letters to display their utmost importance.

varldens dyraste potatischips

First, there’s Matsutake, the world’s most sought-after mushrooms. They come from Swedish pine forests and are picked using cotton gloves to preserve their quality. Next is Truffle Seaweed, which comes the waters around the Faroe Islands. Then there’s Crown Dill–yum. Then Leksand Onion, which are always planted on May 18th and harvested on August 10th no matter what the weather to achieve unmatched flavour. Next up is India Pale Ale Wort–it adds some sweetness to the complement the savoury. And finally comes Ammarnas Potatoes, which are grown in very limited numbers. I want to make a special request to the guys behind the GQ’s series “Most Expensivest Shit”: please pick me to try this with 2Chainz. I will be forever grateful.

potato chips

hold with hands potato