World’s Smartest Toothbrush, Oclean Pro, Gets Brushing Right

Look, you gotta do what you can to protect your teeth. Your dentist’s boat payment aside, you don’t want to have to go in and face that drill more than is necessary (let him charge somebody else to cover next month’s deposit). That’s why you need a smart toothbrush that can help you ensure that you take the best possible care of your teeth. The Oclean Pro is the world’s smartest toothbrush, and it’s capable of removing all the guesswork from teeth cleaning.

Oclean X Pro world's smartest sonic toothbrush

The Oclean Pro features an intuitive color touchscreen that can guide you through the cleaning process. You can track your progress with the brush, and even adjust for sensitivity. The screen also grades your brushing performance, highlighting areas that have been thoroughly cleaned while noting which areas could stand to have a bit more effort put into them. The Pro’s head features high density bristles that still offer flexibility. The bristles also feature a comfort-forward rounded design that improves comfort and prevents damage. The brush also automatically adjusts the frequency of brushing areas to help prevent over-brushing, which in turn prevents damage, bleeding, and discomfort.

Oclean X Pro smallest toothbrush

Using the app, the Oclean Pro reports on your brushing activity and can help you create a personalized brushing plan. You can select from four brush modes—whiten, sensitive, clean, or gum massage. There are also 20 brushing programs that let you adjust the strength and intensities of your brushing. You can also set time goals—the recommended goal is at least two minutes or longer—to make sure that you cover everything. And with the Oclean Pro delivering 42,000 strokes per minute, you’ll be cleaning your teeth 13,000 percent faster than hand brushing.

Only one in 10 people actually brush correctly, and that leads to 90 percent of cavities and gum disease being caused by incorrect brushing. You can be that one brusher in 10 that gets its right thanks to the Oclean Pro.

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