WOW! The Scent that Makes The Man from JOOP!

No we’re not overexcited. Or being sarcastic. The name of this fragrance is WOW! Complete with all caps and exclamation mark. We are a little excited though – everything from the JOOP! (again, they insist) catalogue is good, and their newest addition is no exception. WOW! is all about creating a bold first impression, provoking a fresh and woody addiction. Straight to the point, it embodies a vibrant personality with a fresh attitude. No it really does.

In less technical terms, the top notes of violet, bergamot and cardamom, paired with the middle notes of geranium, vetiver and fir balsam, and base notes of cashmeran, vanilla and tonka bean make a masculine scent that is distinct, present and will announce your arrival in a gentlemanly manner; simultaneously strictly punctual yet somehow fashionably late.

wow joop eau de toilette best for men

The perfumery house has even gone to the lengths of having a short film / ad made by Olivier Dahan (yes, the man behind the Oscar winning La Vie En Rose), which encapsulates the raw, wild man spirit that lives in us all, behind the charming smile and expensive tuxedo. It also looks a bit like they borrowed some perfume marketing advice from Anchorman, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Despite what your film critic sensibilities may think, we like this one and think that you will too.

Available from June 11 at selected Myer stores and pharmacies nationally.

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