Yes, Please – Runamok Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Who likes pancakes?! Oh, that’s right: everybody with taste buds. Odds are you like those pancakes with some whipped butter and maple syrup. Now we’re talking. And if you’re a real food-lover then only pure maple syrup will suffice–you know, the kind that primarily came from a tree and not a chemical processing plant. We’re not talking Aunt Jemima here, folks.

runamok maple syrup bottle

Now that we’ve established you’re a breakfast person of taste allow us to introduce Runamok, a company hailing from beautiful Vermont aka the maple syrup capital of the USA. These guys take maple syrup seriously. How seriously, you ask? Look no further than their new barrel-aged maple syrup, one of a variety of signature smoked, infused and/or aged maple syrups available from their store.Aged in empty Bourbon casks the barrel-aged syrup sucks up that whisky flavour like a sponge.

runamok maple syrup different type

The result is a pure maple syrup with an insatiable edge. This stuff is simply exploding with incredible flavour and giving those pancakes even more deliciousness than you previously thought possible. And just a reminder to all you alcoholics out there who got excited: those Bourbon barrels are empty. That means premium satisfaction for those taste buds but pouring an entire bottle of the syrup over your breakfast is not in fact a new way to get wasted first thing in the morning.

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