Yeti Silo Stays Cool Under Pressure

You know Yeti keeps things cool better than anything else on the market, and their newly released Yeti Silo proves that the company isn’t done yet. The Yeti Silo 6G Water Cooler holds, as you might guess, up to six gallons of water, or, if you’re looking for a place to keep your ice, up to 24 pounds of ice. Like the rest of the Yeti lineup, the Silo features rotomolded construction, 2 inches of insulation, and T-handle closures. Standing 18 inches tall, the square profile of the Yeti is a departure from the classic round water cooler designs. But that square design allows for 15.5 inches on all four sides, increasing capacity. Be prepared for a hefty load, however. Empty, the Silo weighs in at an impressive 16 pounds. Filled with liquid? Well, at least you’ll get your work out in while carrying this beast around. Fortunately, Yeti makes products that can withstanding even the roughest treatment, so if it slips from your hands you won’t be replacing this $300 water cooler (that’s right, $300). The biggest selling point of this big cooler is its SuperPour Spigot. According to Yeti, the spigot has “a fast flow rate, letting you fill up even the largest jugs without forming a line behind you.” After a hot day of hiking or working, you’ll want to have a cold drink, and the Yeti Silo will be able to provide it.

Check it out

open view yeti

yeti silo faucet

back view yeti silo

full view yeti silo

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