Young Henrys Launch Limited Release “Motorcyle Oil” Hoppy Porter

Badass brewers and purveyors of pure flavour Young Henrys are at it again with their famously cool cans of craft beer (though this one is as black as the soul).

Boasting a hue akin to Ozzy Osborne’s hairdresser’s sink, Motorcycle Oil is a surprisingly refreshing hoppy porter (read: rich, dark beer that still tastes like beer). Eschewing the overly floral hops of its paler brethren, this tasty tipple comprises US Warrior, Centennian, Cascade and Citra hops to add a layer of complexity not found in other dark beers, which balances the heavily toasted malt used in the wort, but doesn’t overpower on the nose or palate.

young henrys motorcycle oil cans

Kicking off on May 1st, Newtown diner (and motorcycle garage) Rising Sun Workshop will serve a black ramen named “Darker Than Darkness”, consisting of black pudding, black noodles, black bone broth and black fungus (we tried it. Trust us, it’s black. And delicious). $25 gets you a serve of the delicious darkness, and a schooner of the Motorcycle Oil, during the month of May.

Young Henrys co-founder Oscar McMahon says: “Last year we brewed a small batch of Motorcycle Oil with one of our Newtown mates, to celebrate our loves in common. It was a hoppy porter primarily consumed by us and our mates. This year we’re bringing it back, bigger and blacker, in our first ever 500mL can…to see just how many mates we actually have”.

Motorcycle Oil will be on tap at their Newtown brewery and selected venues, in growlers, and for sale in 500mL cans, until it runs out (which we predict will be pretty quickly).

Young Henrys

young henrys motorcycle oil can front view

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