Zen Float Tank Brings Float Therapy Home

The Zen Float Tank is built around the benefits of flotation therapy. If you haven’t heard of flotation therapy, you may be missing out on one of the best alternative health treatments. The idea is simple—you enter a tank that is about five feet wide by eight feet long that is filled with roughly a foot of water saturated with about a thousand pounds of Epsom salt. The salt increases the buoyancy, so much so that it rivals that of the Dead Sea. The water is heated to the temperature of your skin, 93.3 degree Fahrenheit. Once in, you close yourself off from all senses—the tank is pitch black and sound proofed. This sensory deprivation allows you to meditate and relax more fully. This may sound like a new age, voodoo treatment, but float devotees include Steph Curry and Joe Rogan. In fact, John Lennon used float therapy to help kick his heroin habit in 1979.

zen float theraphy

The challenge with float therapy is the cost. You can go to any number of centers around the country, but you’ll have to pay to use their equipment. Putting a tank in your home wasn’t a very viable option either. That’s why Zen Float Company came into being. The company has been offering in home tanks for the last three years, and their new inflatable Zen Float Tank is now available. If you want to experience the benefits of float therapy, this new tank is for you.

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