10 Essentials For the Perfect Home Bar

An old man once told me, every man needs a good man cave. And in that man cave, a man should have a bar. And in that bar a man should have gratification. So for your own enjoyment and self-entitlement we decided to deck you guys out with 10 essential items to stock in your very own home bar.

Danish Modern Bar Stools by Erik Buch

You have the bar and you have the booze, mixers and the works. All you need is the bar stools. Own a bit of Hollywood with this mid-century modern bar stools with this teak bases and black faux leather seats from Don Draper’s apartment.

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Rikke Hagen Whisky Glasses For Normann Copenhagen

A good whisky deserves a good glass. Normann Copenhagen got you covered with this exclusive Rikke Hagen design. It combines elegance, pleasure and function in a simple, Nordic design. The experience revolves around how you hold the glass in your hand and the wide opening completes the indulgence.

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Hollywood Regency Mirrored & Smoked Brass Bar Cart

So you have invited the big boss over for a whiskey and cigar and you need to impress. The 1960s Italian brass and glass bar cart rendered in the retro streamline style is sure to turn some heads. The top shelf is composed of smoked glass and the bottom shelf of golden mirrored glass with four brass bottle holders.

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Nine Piece Hammered Finish Steel Bar Set

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For bar utensils that will last a life time, the nine piece hammered finish steel bar set is right your alley. Including an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, tot measure and more and rounded up with the steel tray. Timeless and rugged.

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Teak Danish Modern Lounge Chair

mid century chair in living room

After work you can relax with a bourbon or whiskey. And what better place to do it then on this vintage lounge chair with a teak frame and Italian black wool upholstery. You can feel the stress leaving your body by just looking at it.

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Tero Forma Whiskey Stones

whisky stones i wsky set of 6

If you like your bourbon or whiskey a bit stronger and you skip on the ice for this very reason, fear no more. Now you can also enjoy a chilled drink without having to worry about the ice making your drink blend and watery with the funky looking soap stone Whiskey stones. Just place them in the freezer and add it to your drink. Rinse, dry and repeat.

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Mid-Century Danish Modern Teak Dry Bar

mid century modern bunk bed

For those who want a portable bar, this mid-century modern teak bar has plenty of storage and compartments to satisfy any need. It also has a cabinet that can lock to keep the hard stuff out of the wrong hands.

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Twiggy Floor Lamp in Black

black lamp living room

To give your bar room some elegant and stylish lighting, the Twiggy leaning floor lamp can be yours. It is made of compound material on a lacquered glass fibre base and can adjust the height for your customization.

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Lumi Winewall

wine wall champagne

Adding a modern approach to traditional wine barrel staves brings a new style to your bar. Super bright LED technology is incorporated with the stave to illuminate the wine rack showcasing wine in a simple but elegant way. To keep your bottles secure the holes are drilled at a specific angle.

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Subtle Beer Glass

royal beer glass set

This handmade beer glass is designed to highlight the lighter flavoured beer by indenting the hot glass while it is being blown. The result is a bottom that is not only ergonomic, but it reveals all the different hues of each beer by presenting the liquid in different densities.