13 Knives Offers a Keen Kitchen Assistant

In 2013, Brandyn “Bud” Heyser left his home in Kentucky and started a trek across the United States riding a home-built motorcycle. The trip covered 12,500km and took two years to complete, and Bud did it without the aid of maps or a GPS. Eventually, Bud ended up in Australia—Melbourne specifically. There he spent another two years working for Earl Pinto, a well-known and popular furniture designer. But Bud’s natural calling was in knives, and in 2017 he moved to Easey Street to open his forge. There, he’s been following the tradition passed down from his father and grandfather.

13Knives Kitchen Assistant

Bud’s shop is located next door to Paradise Alley. His shop is always open, and clients are encouraged to “drop in anytime and talk knives over a beer.” Working on only small batches of knives at a time, Bud is able to customize orders, if clients get in on a batch early enough. Each knife is done in Bud’s personal style, and craftsmanship is excellent. Bud works on knives “for discerning outdoorsmen, camping knives for weekend adventurers, and exquisite handcrafted chefs’ and kitchen knives for the ultimate wedding gift.”

The knives are ade from high carb on steel and feature a rough, hand-forged look. The blades measure 140mm in length and 40mm wide. For the handles, Bud uses a rare stringy bark and wormy chestnut held on by stainless steel pins. Each knife can also be suited for either right or left hand use. For just $475 AUD, you can pick up a set of 13 knives in Bud’s 13 Knives Kitchen Assistant. Each blade is handmade and is a work of art, “blending time-honored artisanal skills with cutting edge standards of social and environmental responsibility.” If you’re looking for a more personal blade, Bud does have limited space for a few bespoke blades each year.

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