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Basically, the only thing the new Family Hub Fridge from Samsung can’t do is decide what’s for dinner. Who are we kidding? It can probably do that too. After all, the Family Hub Refrigerator snaps pictures of your inventory every time you close the door and can be used to order groceries when you’re running low; a daily menu practically seems like an afterthought.

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Samsung knows all too well that the kitchen is basically where the most important household information gets relayed and the Family Hub Fridge capitalizes on such knowledge with the utmost accessibility. Thanks to plenty of sophisticated tech and a giant screen that adorns the right panel of the fridge, the Family Hub is basically part refrigerator, part tablet, part bulletin board. In addition to taking pictures of its own insides every time you close the door it also notifies you when food is about to expire and can furthermore be used as a universal scheduler keeping everyone in the family on the same page. Hence where there were once magnets and Polaroids and pieces of paper there is now a beautiful 21st century touchscreen bubbling with graphics, family pictures, recipes and reminders.

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Making a great fridge even better is some next-level integration with your smartphone (Android 4.0 and IOS 7.0 and up). For example when you’re running low on the goods you can use the touchscreen to order groceries through an app. That means with a few touch buttons you have everything you need delivered right to your door. Needless to say, the Family Hub Fridge easily takes its place among a slew of other products turning regular homes into “smart” homes one device at a time. Unlike some of those other products, however, this one looks like it might actually work.

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