9V Battery LED Flashlight Illuminates Brightly

Flashlights aren’t exactly complicated items, but Bell and Howell’s MicroBrite takes that concept and simplify it even more. MicroBrite is just a flashlight head—it’s just the LEDs in a housing that connects to a 9V battery.

Even though it’s simple, though, MicroBrite is surprisingly powerful and useful. For starters, it uses very little energy. You can expect to get over 100,000 hours—roughly 4,150 days—off of a single 9V battery. That long life is due largely to MicroBrite’s efficiency. While many flashlights release around 95 per cent of their energy as heat and only 5 per cent as light, MicroBrite inverts it, releasing 95 per cent of its energy as light.

9v battery LED flashlight

MicroBrite is also brilliantly bright. It produces a natural white light with no ultraviolet rays that is safe for your eyes. It’s also brighter than even the bigger flashlights you’re used to using. Plus, MicroBrite doesn’t use many of the chemicals that other flashlights rely on to increase their brightness, such as mercury.

batter LED flashlight

MicroBrite has two settings, a reading light that uses two LEDs and the full flashlight that uses six LEDs. To use the light, simply snap MicroBrite onto a battery and you’re ready to go. And because MicroBrite is so small, it fits easily into pockets, glove compartments, drawers, and backpacks.

It’s as simple as it gets, but MicroBrite will keep things bright when it needs it.

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