A Tour Through Kim & Kanye’s Minimalist Bel Air Home

Minimal isn’t really a word that you necessarily associate with Kim and Kanye West, but when you see the house you get an idea of just how stunning minimalism can be. Vogue visited the West family to ask Kim 73 random questions. During the video, the journalist team was able to check out the settings. Whites dominate the home, keeping things simple yet elegant. There’s an almost barren feel because of the lack of furniture, but it works in a way that helps to set a sophisticated feeling.

One mystery that comes to light in the course of the visit is the bathroom. The glass walls and the concrete tub attract attention first, but it’s the basin-less sinks that really got people wondering. The design for the sinks was actually drawn up by Kanye, who worked with the house’s designer Axel Verevoordt and Claudio Silvestrin. In a separate Instagram post, Kim explains that the concrete slab actually has a slight slope to it—which you can see when she shows the sink up close—with a slit cut out. With the water on, you can see how it flows from the faucet and into the slit. It’s innovative, and could easily start a new trend, something Kanye is used to doing.

The questions covered all topics, from family to fans to lifestyle. Kim also offers sage advice, such as ignoring bad press or negative comments. Kim also reveals a hidden talent—the ability to smell when someone has a cavity.

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