Adam Lister Pixelated Art

Everybody’s tastes in art varies and if you are looking for something different, retro and Picasso like, take a look at the Giclee prints from Adam Lister Gallery. Giclee, pronounced zhee-klay, is a technology for fine art reproduction using a high quality 12 colour inkjet printer. The prints available here are created from high resolution digital scans made of Adam Lister’s original paintings and the archival quality is achieved by printing it on heavy weight matte paper. Each image has a specific edition number, making them rare and collectable. Each print comes signed, dated and numbered. Themes include popular shows and movies like Breaking bad, Star Trek and Star Wars. Superheroes also make an appearance and other famous art works like the Mona Lisa.

adam lister pixelated art men sitting

adam lister pixelated art solo chewbacca canvas