Adrian Emerton – Oceanic Photography

Growing up in a small surfing town on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia, Adrian Emerton developed a strong connection with the ocean right from a young age. When he’s not riding barrels on the board, he spends his time chasing barrels behind the lens, taking breathtaking shots of the ocean in all its glory. Much to our delight he has decided to share his marvellous photographic art with everyone, as he has just release a series of A0 and A1 sized prints. Whether you like to ride giants, or you’ve never even been wet, these prints are a great way to bring the beauty of the ocean into your own home.  AU$30-40

“I’ve always been drawn to the ocean and for most of my life have used it as my temple, an escape from the daily grind and whatever life throws at me. Last year I invested in a water-housing for my camera, in order to document waves and the beauty I see in them.” 

“Whilst travelling Portugal in 2012, I ‘shot water’ for the first time with my new equipment and in doing so, landed my first Surf Magazine Cover: Portuguese Bodyboard magazine, VERT Dec 2012.”

adrian emerton oceanic photography wave

“Shooting waves around the world has boosted my level of drive. I’ve spent a large portion of 2013 documenting heavy waves around my current home in Sydney, Australia.”

adrian emerton oceanic photography swimming

“My oceanic images are the perfect gift to inject some salt into your own or someone else’s life…Perfect for Christmas!”

adrian emerton oceanic photography water

men laughing adrian emerton oceanic wave