Adriano Design’s FUORIPISTA Reinvents the Exercise Bike

Question: When is an exercise bike more than an exercise bike? Answer: When it’s this visual stunner from Adriano Design. The FUORIPISTA is so immediately unconventional that the pictures tell all while no words can do it justice, which isn’t to say we won’t try to describe it. Still, those pictures…

adriano design fuoripista exercise bike rear view

Adriano Design has a history of re-imagining sporty, luxury household amenities like foosball, pool and ping pong tables, and in honour of SaloneSatellite’s 20th Anniversary they unveiled what’s possibly the most radical exercise bike you’ve ever seen. For starters, in addition to glossy chrome it features polished wood, glass and leather, three materials that rarely if ever take the forefront of a given exercise machine. Visually, the bike resembles a bull or some other sort of horned four-legged animal, with handlebars that look ready to strike. The only real tenant of familiarity is a sleek tablet mounted at the front, which still manages to stand out aesthetically from the standard fare.

adriano design fuoripista exercise bike overview

Time will tell if such a departure from normalcy is merited or if the bike offers improved comfort and a better ride. Nevertheless, it is nice to some genuine originality infused into an object we’ve more or less grown accustomed to, even if such liberties might come off as just a tad superfluous.

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