Amazon Finds August 2017 – DIY

There’s often a job to be done around the house and sometimes being a man means doing that job yourself. Indeed, we might live in the age of convenience, but there’s still something to be said for a dude who can whip out the hammer and nails and perform the task all on his own. Should you be one of those dudes, expect a great amount of pride and satisfaction to come as a result of your hard work. Of course, to get the job done right you’ll need the right tools. And to get the right tools you’ll need an Amazon account (as if you didn’t already have one). Scope our Amazon Finds for August 2017 and go all DIY on your next project. It’s what being a man is all about.

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amazon tools extending our reach

Tools: Extending Our Reach

It’s easy to forget that every time you grab that screwdriver or wrench you’re grabbing a piece of ongoing history. This remarkable book takes a step back to honour our trusty tools as living artifacts that remain as relevant today as they did over a million years ago. Accordingly, the book is a treasure trove of vivid photography and rich backstory. For those who are new to the DIY experience, you may never look at that small axe the same way again. To those already immensely handy in the workshop, get your tool porn on by checking out this book! It also makes for a great gift.

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amazon hart 21 oz hickory curve hammer

Hart 21 Oz. Hickory Curve Hammer

Precision made and beautifully basic, the Hart Hickory Curve Hammer offers 21 ounces of pure power. It’s built for any job and features anti-vibration properties to keep that hand from ringing. This baby literally and figuratively hits the nail on the head!

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amazon delux leather bag

Klein Tools 20-inch Delux Leather Bag

A true DIY man respects his tools by giving them a proper home of their own. For that, consider this premium leather bag from Klein Tools. Equipped with supportive straps and a 3-ply bottom with steel studs, this bag exudes refined sturdiness. If your tools could speak, they’d be thanking you.

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amazon small tool roll handmade

Small Tool Roll Handmade by Hide & Drink — Swayze Suede

Made using a full grain leather that goes by the seductive name of Swayze Suede, this handmade tool roll touts the kind of rugged distinction men have been falling in love with for centuries. It’s light, spacious, durable and secure. Use it for all your DIY jobs and expect it to last you a lifetime.

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amazon design canvas tool apron

Esschert Design Canvas Tool Apron

Esschert Design pairs pocket room with swift mobility on their Canvas Tool Apron. It’s light, adjustable and machine washable for your convenience. Strap up and get to work.

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amazon maker bot replicator mini compact 3d printer

MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer

In the 21st century, DIY doesn’t necessarily mean getting your hands dirty. In fact, thanks to 3D printers you occasionally don’t need tools at all. Use the MakerBot primarily as an educational or “starter” 3D printer. It’s compact, portable, cost effective and ready for action (or not depending on which review you read). Each printer comes with over 500,000 pre-designed products available on the MakerBot Thingiverse.

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amazon leather man wave multitool

Leatherman Wave Multitool

Jam packed with no less than 17 tools, the acclaimed Leatherman Wave Multitool delivers tons of utility while leaving you with one hand to spare. A built-in mechanism locks every tool (except the plier head) in place so you can use what you need one tool at a time. Some of those tools are on the outside, meaning you can access them when even the Wave is folded. In other words, think of this wildly popular product as a Swiss Army Knife on steroids. Included in the purchase is a trusty MOLLE sheath.

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amazon stanley 210 piece mixed tool set

Stanley 210 Piece Mixed Tool Set

Housed in a chrome case of considerable strength is this 210 piece tool set from Stanley. The layout is superbly organised for quick access. Each tool is corrosion resistant and safe to use. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Stanley Mixed Tool Set promises to be the last tool set you ever buy.

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