Anthony Bourdain’s Custom Kramer Knife is up for Sale

Anthony Bourdain passed in 2018 and we’re starting to see items from his estate go up for auction. A sale of 200 items from that estate is up for sale currently, with items like a silvered bronze Michelin Man sculpture, an anatomical model of the human brain, and a vinyl figure of an alien kaiju, Guilala, from the 1967 film The X from Outer Space. But among all the items that are available, one of the most interesting is the custom knife presented to Bourdain by Bob Kramer.

Anthony Bourdain knife

The custom knife was made out of steel and meteorite and was forged by Kramer in his Olympia, Washington, workshop. Bourdain was a huge fan of Kramer’s work and even visited Kramer’s workshop to watch the master at work. Kramer is widely considered to be the best living knife maker in America, which only adds to the blade’s value. Bourdain once referred to owning a Kramer knife as being a status symbol for chefs. Kramer presented the 10-inch European-style blade to Bourdain on March 31, 2016. The blade is being sold with the certificate of authenticity and the blade’s sheath, which is made out of cocobolo, a hardwood from Central America. The blade is in excellent condition, though it is evident that Bourdain did use it.

If you’re interested in the knife, you might also be interested to know that 40 percent of the proceeds from the auction will go to support the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship at the Culinary Institute of America. Bourdain attended the institution. Knowing that part of the proceed will help future chefs chase their dreams might make the current bid of $22,000 as of this writing seem a bit more reasonable. The donated sum will go toward helping students “spend a semester abroad or to study international topics.” The other 60 percent of the proceeds will be left to Bourdain’s widow and daughter.

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Anthony Bourdain custom knife case Anthony Bourdain certificate for the knife

Anthony Bourdain's Custom Knife up for Auction