The Circa Smart Alarm Clock Knows the Best Time to Wake You Up

Already past its funding goal on Indiegogo is Circa, an alarm clock that wants you to keep the “smart” while ditching the “phone”. Apparently, 60% of people use their smartphones to wake up in the morning, which frequently equates to a slew of peripheral distractions. By contrast, Circa focuses on performing the task at hand: waking you up. And that it does with consider breadth. For example, included with every unit is a special sleep sensor that goes under your mattress and analyses what stage of sleep you’re in–the clock then wakes you up accordingly. In other words, this might very well be an alarm clock that hits the “snooze” button all on its own. No wonder the digital appliance is doing so well on Indiegogo!

smart alarm clock indiegogo

As if waking you up wasn’t enough, the Circa also helps you get to bed. To do that, it can send bedtime reminders to your phone, emit soothing sounds like ocean waves, generate white noise, and even give off a pulsing light to help slow down your breathing. Come morning, you can rise and shine to nature sounds, your favourite songs, or a variety of other noises.

smart alarm clock minimalist design

In addition to its bevy of smarts, the Circa touts a clean, minimalist design. At the top half is an OLED display that goes dark while you rest. At the bottom and on the back is a special fabric created in partnership with Danish textile company Kvadrat. The clock comes available in three colours, each one touting a neutral vibe that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. Oh, and did we mention the Circa was wireless, and equipped with a back-up battery to ensure it won’t spontaneously power down? Yeah, this alarm clock definitely rules.

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