Customize Your Hydration with the Ecofriendly and Smart rOcean

The rOcean is an ecofriendly smart device for custom drinks. The rOcean combines filters, carbonation, and flavoring into one device that can be controlled with your smartphone or voice controlled with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Simply connect your rOcean to your water line, a process that is described as being an easy DIY project that takes only five minutes, and you’ll have constant water at your disposal. The rOcean is the size of a toaster, making it an easy addition to your kitchen counter space. The unit is AI-enhanced so that it can learn your preferences. Additionally, it auto reorders filers, CO2, and flavor pods—meaning no hassle or worrying about forgetting.

rOcean is good for the environment. Every year, more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into your oceans every year. rOcean eliminates wasted plastic bottles, which also turns out to be a cost savings for you as well.

The filtration system is 15 times more effective than other pitcher filters and are certified by the NSF, an independent third-party lab, to effectively filter over 70 contaminants. The filters also have a 400 gallon capacity, so you’ll only have to change them once a year. Flavoring and carbonation are precisely controlled, giving you the exact amount you prefer. The flavoring pods are dishwasher safe, and the recyclable refill packs can make up to 50 liters of flavor-enhanced water.

rOcean gives you everything to save you money, save the environment, and save your health with proper hydration.

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