Vacuum from Anywhere with the Electrolux Purei9

The new Electrolux Purei9 vacuum does so much more than scare the dog. It takes care of your entire floor cleaning routine managed via your smartphone. You can clean and customise your schedule from the train, bus, during work hours, whenever you want to feel productive but not actually do anything productive.

“With housecleaning being part of most people’s everyday lives, we strive to make this as care-free as possible,” says Julian Huitfeldt, General Manager, Electrolux Australia. “The new Purei9 is perhaps our foremost example of this. This is a product that is developed to enable consumers to spend time, and focus, on the things that really matter to them.”

electrolux pure i9 uses 3d mapping and 3d vision

Purei9 uses 3D vision, together with 3D mapping navigation to scan the environment and steer clear of obstacles. It cleans in a structured and efficient manner, avoiding cleaning the same area over and over.

The impressively-named ClimbForceDrive works with the advanced detection system to prevent the i9 from getting stuck on carpets, under furniture and from falling down stairs.

The vacuum is built with a smart charging system so that it resumes cleaning where it had previously stopped before a recharge, thus able to take care of the full cleaning process without supervision.

electrolux pure i9 schedule cleaning with the app

Purei9 is built with a unique triangular “Trinity” shape and PowerBrush to thoroughly cleans along walls, around obstacles and in corners. With the modern home aesthetic in mind, Purei9 offers a unique look and feel with a contemporary colour palette and material selection.

Electrolux Purei9 is available now from all major whitegoods retailers for RRP $1,699.
If you’re more of a hands-on cleaner, Dyson’s Cyclone V10 vacuum is as powerful as it sounds.

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pure i9 one smart vacuum

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