Good Brews: Every Home Brewer Needs HOPii

Home brew is great. It’s cheaper beer, what’s not to love? But the brewing process can be a pain – regulating the temperature, sterilising the equipment and waiting while the brew ferments. A trio of American gents have invented a way to improve the entire process with a product that might just be the easiest-to-use home brewing device ever conceived.

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HOPii is a smart, personalised, one-touch micro-brewery for your home. HOPii creates a controlled environment perfect for fermentation. It takes the guesswork out of home brewing and uses a closed loop, smart sensor system that monitors and controls the fermentation time, pressure, and temperature, combined with brewery-sourced ingredients, to enable the best quality taste, every time. Plus you can drink right from the tank when it’s done.

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HOPii comes with a highly-controlled, light-free, oxygen-free preservation system. It also features a one-touch sanitising system, which means brewers don’t have to take HOPii apart for cleaning. HOPii takes around 1 week to produce 3 litres of beer.

The HOPii brand has partnered with a string of craft breweries to bring you the ingredients required to replicate their best-tasting beers, although the team is yet to announce exactly who. The team are targeting traditional flavours like IPAs, Pale Ales and Stouts, plus new innovative flavours not seen before.

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The craft beer market is exploding, but local craft breweries have a hard time distributing outside of their local region,” said Jong-Wook Shin, CEO of HOPii, Inc. “With HOPii, they can now get their creations to the customers who want them efficiently and affordable, using a risk-free distribution system that offers brews at their freshest, right-out-of-the-tank.

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Also, by connecting HOPii with its app, owners can receive beer recommendations, connect with other craft beer lovers on social media and purchase beer kits directly from their phones for a complete and connected craft-beer experience.

HOPii itself is sleek and attractive enough that you can brew right in your kitchen. There’s no need to stow unsightly equipment in a garage or shed. The HOPii team are offering its brew device over on Kickstarter where it has already amassed over $300,000. You can secure a HOPii for the early bird price of USD 399. Shipping is expected June 2018.

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