For Your Junk Storage, Loose Nuts/Bolts and Small Loose Items, Get a Stealth Box

If you are someone who likes to stay neat and organized as well as fashionable with a sense of style in design, you can set your heart’s desire on this set of two black stealth workbench boxes. Get a handle on your junk, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, small glue/cement tubes, buttons, loose change, small tools and other small loose items with this set of black workbench stash boxes custom designed from Europe.

side view junk storage black boxes

The boxes are likened to those back in the day that use to sit around your father’s workbench. The two metal containers are an ideal organizational tool for any man that likes to stay neat, tidy and elegant all at once. That’s certainly a tall order to fill, especially for such a seemingly simple task. But for those of us with the determination, there is a way!

junk storage black desk boxes

There are two cases in this package. There is the smaller one, which is neatly tucked into the larger one. Both are constructed of rugged, yet beautifully crafted stamped steel. The product is designed for minimalistic and attractive aesthetic along with basic utility. Store all sorts of gear in these custom stash boxes of the stealth variety. The set is made in Italy. The stealth color is exclusive to Cool Material.

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