Get Organized With the Grovemade Desk Shelf System

Based out of Oregon, Grovemade designs and crafts high-quality leather and wooden accessories. Grovemade spent months researching the best way to create and organise work environments – the result is the Grovemade Desk Shelf System. This four-piece system is made from all-natural, premium materials – it was designed to optimise workspaces.

ordered work space

The system includes four pieces—a desk shelf, laptop lift, desk tray and a small desk pad. The Desk Shelf raises your monitor up closer to eye level. It also helps free up space on the top of the desk. The Desk Shelf comes in two different finishes, walnut and maple. The walnut is a sophisticated blackish tone while the maple is lighter in appearance.

The Laptop Lift is made out of full-grain leather and German merino wool. This material helps protect the exterior of your laptop from dings and scrapes. The Laptop Lift elevates your screen for improved ergonomics.

grovemade laptop lift

The matching Desk Pad is the perfect place for your wireless mouse. Made out of 3mm thick virgin Merino Wool Felt, it helps organise your workspace and adds softness and warmth.

The final piece of the Desk Shelf System is the Desk Tray. This is the ideal storage spot for pencils, pens, notebook or smartphone. All of the pieces are lightweight and easy to clean.

ordered work space desk

You can buy each piece separately, or better yet, buy the whole Desk Shelf System as a whole. This system is an excellent way to get the maximum functionality out of your office space.

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