The Hiku Premium Coffee Grinder Proves Bigger is Better

The Hiku Premium Coffee Grinder, by Kanso Coffee, promises to cut down the time required to hand grind your morning cup of coffee. The Hiku does this by using larger burrs than the competition. The burr also features seven flutes—again, more than the competition. The larger burr has 75 per cent more grinding teeth, with 70 per cent more grinding surface area—that means you’ll have up to 300 per cent more grinding output per revolution. More bean ground per revolution means a quicker grind altogether.

hiku premium coffee grinder and bag

Hiku has unique stepless adjustment ring, similar to that found on camera lenses. The adjustment ring removes any doubt or guesswork when it comes to getting the size granules that you want. The Hiku also uses a wave spring instead of a conventional wire wound spring, which results in a more consistent pressure so that there is more uniformity in the granules.

hiku premium coffee grinder on the ground

Hiku is easily transported. It weighs less than two pounds and is smaller than a typical 16 ounce insulated water bottle. Yet, despite its size, it can hold up to 50 grams of coffee—enough for five cups of pour over.

hiku premium coffee grinder handle

Hiku shows that size actually does matter—at least in terms of the burrs used in your coffee grinder.

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top view hiku coffee grinder