Improve your Flow with the Best Made Co Spare Parts Tray

Junk drawers are the bane of an organised life. They accumulate stuff so quickly that you soon lose track of what’s inside them. Before you know it, they are out of control.

Best Made offers a Spare Parts Tray set that can help you tame the most unruly junk drawer you can find.

front view tray

The set consists of three trays that stack within each other—not that you have to keep them stacked, but it is an option. The trays are made of 22-gauge steel that has been riveted into place to hold its shape. The trays can hold everything from notebooks and note pads to drafting pens, electrical components, and fasteners.

Whatever your need, from writing to tinkering, the trays have a use. The trays can also help create a consistent workflow by helping to set up stations.

Best Made Co Spare Parts Tray

The Spare Parts Trays can be kept in a drawer to be pulled out when needed, or you can make them a permanent part of your workspace. The embossed feet provide positive alignment for when you need to store the trays away.

The small tray measures 6” wide X 4.5” deep X 0.75” high; the medium tray, 9” wide X 6” deep X 1” high; and the large tray, 12” wide X 9” deep X 1.5” high. The whole set can be picked up for only USD$58.

Now that reallt sparks joy.

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