Kenyon’s Electric Revolution Grill Serves Up the Power of Portability

Made from uber-strong stainless steel and powered by electricity, the Kenyon Revolution All Seasons Portable Grill is a revolution indeed. More than an alternative to charcoal or propane grills, this compact appliance delivers prime versatility and impeccable convenience. We were lucky enough to score one and have been using it ever since, loving its effortless vibe. After all, it doesn’t get any easier than plugging in and cooking up, which isn’t to mention that the grill works both indoors and out. Essentially ready to go right out of the box, it brings a new tier of safety and efficiency to the barbecue experience, all without making any sacrifices to quality.

Kenyon Revolution Grill

With two ergonomic handles on either side, Kenyon’s Revolution Grill quite literally wears mobility on its sleeve. Upon taking it out of the box, clean (and dry) the grate and drip tray, reinsert both components, read the instructions, and you’re pretty much ready to roll. Plug it in and crank the dial and you’ll be reaching cooking temperatures of over 500F in under 5 minutes, and 600F in the first 10. The non-stick and dishwasher-safe grate delivers traditional grill marks while the disposable drip tray performs dual functions, infusing the food with flavour when you fill it with liquids and also catching any drippings.

Kenyon Revolution Grill

Ultimately, everything about the Kenyon Revolution Grill is either safe or convenient or precise or all three at the very same time. Thanks to patented electric elements, you won’t encounter any of the flare-ups that you might get when cooking with charcoal or propane. The push-to-turn knob is both brilliantly precise and easy to use. The removable lid is dishwasher-safe and the marine-grade 304 stainless steel is both weather-resistant and rust-proof. And should you want to get really crafty, you can even instal the grill as a permanent fixture in your kitchen or on your patio. Just make sure an outlet is close by.

‘Tis the season to eat and give and that’s why Kenyon is offering an exclusive holiday special. The Revolution Grill is normally US$475 but from now until 25 December, this bad boy comes in at just US$399. Get one for the cook in your life or one for yourself and prepare for some good grilling all-year-round.

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