Kirin Home Tap Delivers to Your Door

Yota Kakuda Design, the creator of the Kirin Home Tap, isn’t the first to bring an at-home keg device to market. There have been a whole slew of them, with more and more coming to market regularly. What sets the Kirin Home Tap apart, however, is the impressive design. The Kirin Home Tap is a sleek looking addition to any kitchen. The appliance is white with a brushed silver nozzle and a bamboo handle. It comes with a monthly subscription service that delivers two one-liter bottles, shaped to fit into the Home Tap, to your door twice a month. The bottles themselves are attractive. They may be plastic, but that didn’t stop 6D founder Shogo Kishino from pulling out the stops on the design. The bottles also have a special coating that prevents oxygen from getting at the beer and ruining it. Of course, more important than the bottle is the contents, and Kirin has a history of brewing beer since 1888, and is the world’s first press beer. The press process, known as “ichiban shibori,” only uses the liquid that flows naturally from the mash, creating a pure, yet refined flavor.

front view home tap

The only unfortunate thing about the Kirin Home Tap is that it is restricted to Japan, but that hasn’t seemed to hurt the company. They had to close registration after the initial response. Even after closing registration, they still have a list of customers exceeding 15,000 people that want to be notified when registration opens again.

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