Laurastar Smart Ironing System Takes the Drudgery out of the Chore

Times were, irons were literally blocks of iron warmed by the stove and then pressed on clothes. We’re well past that now. The Laurastar Smart Ironing System has taken us past that archaic method, blown us past the 1950s style corded iron, and propelled us into the future.

front view laurastar

The Laurastar uses an app to coach you through the process of getting perfectly ironed clothes. Using Bluetooth technology, the iron connects with the mobile application to provide coaching points on how you’re doing. If that was all there was to it, there wouldn’t be much to this article. But the Laurastar has more features than just that, including a removable water tank, integrated wheels, a cable rewinder, and a start and auto stop feature. The ironing board also has a feature of inflating to help prevent introducing creases where you don’t want them. And the lines on the board will have you creating perfect folds on a consistent basis.

laurastar ironing system back view

The iron uses steam to not only remove wrinkles, but to also help clean your clothes. Steam kills 99.999 percent of bacteria and mites, so Laurastar will keep you looking smart and feeling healthy.

side view ironing laurastar

For too long, ironing has been the drudgery of the laundry room. With Laurastar, ironing can become more art than labor.

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