LG’s Robotic Vacuum with Built-In AI Moonlights as a Home Security System

Sarah Connor?

I consume enough sci-fi to know artificial intelligence will eventually bring an end to the human race. But until then, AI can clean my carpets like nothing else.

The R9 CordZero robotic vacuum from Skynet LG uses AI, or machine learning, to map the home and over time, learns to clean it more efficiently. The “Deep ThinQ” technology can recognise objects and room layouts, stores the data and continually improves its cleaning routine. The onboard camera and laser sensor are where this technology begins but are far from where it ends.

The camera can be accessed remotely via smartphone to view inside the home. You can then place the vacuum in position and use it as a motion detector. You see what the R9 vacuum sees. If something is detected, the vacuum’s camera takes five pictures of the area and sends them to a connected phone. LG pitches this feature as a great way of keeping an eye on pets, although I guess it could also be used as home security?

lg robot vacuum with camera

Under the hood, R9 has a Smart Inverter Motor that rotates at high speed spinning a fan to create strong air flows inside its cyclone chambers. When the vacuum detects certain carpet types, walls or heavy concentrations of dust it will switch to turbo and increase suction power. The Power Drive Nozzle features a tangle brush design for working efficiently to lift dust, dirt and even pet hair from carpets and other surfaces.

LG’s R9 CordZero robotic vacuum is available now. You can find it at Harvey Norman for $1899.

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lg robot vacuum with smartphone controls