Montblanc StarWalker Writing Instruments Honour the ‘OG’ Moon Landing

The Montblanc StarWalker collection has little to do with Jedi or the names etched in the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. Instead, the latest collection from this premium accessory brand marks the 50th anniversary of the first men to walk on the moon. Technically the moon isn’t a star, but we’re not going to get bogged down in semantics.

Available from July 2019, the Montblanc StarWalker collection comprises several stunning writing instruments that celebrate the wonder of space travel.

The black resin of the writing instrument is said to recall the vast dark expanse of space, while the translucent dome beneath the Montblanc emblem evokes the Earth rising above the lunar horizon as seen from the moon. It’s meant as a reminder to appreciate the planet.

The polished platinum-coated cap and barrel represent the astronaut. The angled clip cover and dome resembles the shape of a space rocket, while the cap screw mechanism on the forepart and cone is similar to an astronaut securing their helmet to a space suit before setting off into space.

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The StarWalker lineup includes a Precious Resin edition in all black with contrasting metal fittings, a Doué edition with a black resin barrel paired with a metal cap or forepart, and a sleek full Metal edition. Each edition is available as a Fountain Pen, Ballpoint and Fineliner Pen.

A matching notebook and pen pouch are also available, and they feature a view of the Earth from space. The Earth is printed on shiny metallic leather that shimmers across the cover, creating a three-dimensional effect as if experiencing the glimmer of the cosmos.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon, July 16, Montblanc hosted a launch event for the new StarWalker collection. Guests included former astronaut Leroy Chiao, brand ambassador Hugh Jackman, Diane Kruger and Winnie Harlow to name a few. The event was held at the Lone Star Museum in Houston, Texas.

Leroy Chiao is one of a handful of individuals to have experienced the wonder of space having spent 229 days in orbit across four missions. The Montblanc StarWalker collection is available from July.

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