Professional Grade, Amateur Application: The PicoStill Countertop Distillery

Still trying to make that perfect batch of moonshine? PicoBrew may be able to help you find the puzzle-piece you’ve been missing.

With PicoStill, a new distilling attachment, you can bring home the same level of technology that professional distillers are using in an affordable and excellently designed package.

picostill countertop distillery hiconsumption

Designed to fit seamlessly with the Pick C Keg, you can now much more easily distill water, herbs, hops, and grains than ever before. More than just functional, the brushed copper and crystalline glass desisgn create a modern and professional atheistic that fits perfectly in your home “laboratory.” This extra piece will give your work station just a bit more authenticity and let you expand your abilities while looking the part.

Created explicitly with precision in mind, the PicoStill is the essential accessory to bring your setup from amateur to pro, while also taking your process to the next level. The signature design largely reduces the current dangers of distilling spirits by automatically separating natural methanol from the heads.

new picostill countertop distillery

Not to go all “Billy Mays” on you, but that’s not all! With extra-precise control, decide exact temperatures to utilize safe distilling with indirect heat in a vacuum setting and utilize a collection chamber for your first cut.

This thing is really cool, and is an essential buy for any homebrewer who wants to take their game and kick it up a notch.

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