Reimagine Tradition with the Viarco Digitallab Oak Drawing Desk

Branded under Viarco, and designed by Digitalab, the Risko Oak Drawing Desk is a beautiful instantiation of refined class and practical utility.

Created for drawing, sketching, and painting, it’s fitting that the Risko was initially imagined in a pencil factory. More than just a place to remain sedentary, this oak drawing desk is the ideal workstation for creatives and professionals, alike. Intended to be used for the design process, and possess enough storage space to keep owners properly equipped, the Risko has areas to put paper, drawing supplies, painting materials, and miscellaneous craft accessories.

risko drawing desk by digitalab for viarco

The striking and modern design coupled with the natural wooden look and feel of oak, this drawing desk easily bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary, paying homage to the constantly changing creative industry while remaining true to what has worked over the years.

Thanks to the oaken make and functional size, the Risko will fit in almost any room aesthetically and spatially. Standing at 160x80x100 cm, this desk is small enough to be practical, but big enough to be comfortable.

If you’re looking to spruce up your apartment or house with a fun new piece, take a look at the Risko Desk.

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