Roland Kiyola Piano Will Have You Playing it Again

Casablanca just wouldn’t be the same without Humphrey Bogart leaning against a piano telling Sam to play it again. You can get that same sound and feeling from the Roland Kiyola Piano.

girl play roland kiyola piano

Handcrafted in Japan, the Roland Kiyola Piano is made of all natural oak. Each piano is strikingly unique because of the woodworking that goes into them. While the profile is that of a digital keyboard and not of an upright or even of a baby grand, this piano still has an elegant quality to it—just with incredible space saving. The Roland Kiyola Piano is a full piano with 88 keys and three foot pedals. Volume is controlled with volume knobs and buttons. The piano also comes with an ergonomic bench featuring high-density foam for comfort.

new roland kiyola piano

As a digital piano, the Roland Kiyola is capable of connecting via Bluetooth to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This ability allows for customization of internal sounds as well as various sound effects. You can even play accompaniment to your piece through the built-in speakers. The Roland piano apps are also available with songs, tutorials, and rhythms.

roland kiyola piano in walnut

But it’s the sound that is most impressive. The Roland Kiyola uses piano modeling instead of pre-recorded sound, making the result sound much more like an acoustic piano than other digital keyboards. Closing your eyes while listening to the Roland Kiyola will leave you convinced that you’re listening to the real thing, and requesting that it be played again.

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