Stelton’s Collar Teapot Changes the Look of an Old Design

The Stelton’s Collar Teapot uses the idea of an Italian “Moka” pot but dresses it up with a Nordic aesthetic. The pot is made of stoneware and an elongated rubber wood handle. The spout has also been shortened, adding to the unique look.

If you’re not familiar with how Moka pots work, here’s a little primer. Moka pots basically have two chambers. In the lower chamber, water is filled to a prescribed level (close to the safety release valve). A funnel shaped filter separates the upper and lower chambers. That filter is where finally ground coffee is placed. As the water is heated, you’ll eventually get it boiling and producing steam. The steam creates pressure, which pushes the water up through the filter and into the upper chamber where the coffee is collected. As the lower chamber starts to empty, you’ll hear that characteristic gurgling sound, which is called the “strombolian phase.” You’ll want to remove the pot from the heat at this point. Then simply serve the coffee. The temperature will be very similar to any other brewing method.

For those that still enjoy the pleasure of slowly brewing a cup of fine coffee and luxuriating in the intoxicating aroma before rewarding your patience with a fantastic flavor, then the Stelton’s Collar Teapot is exactly what you need. What’s more, the unique, minimalistic design of the teapot will add a quaint and classic look to your kitchen.

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