The Breville 3X Bluicer Pro Aims to Improve Health and Stop Hunger

Breville is intent on creating a new beverage category. “Bluicing” is the mixing of fresh juice with fresh blends using the same kitchen appliance, and Breville has just the appliance you need—the 3X Bluicer Pro.

breville 3X Bluicer™ Pro kitchen appliances

The 3X Bluicer Pro builds on Breville’s line of blenders and juicers, but this new unit combines the two, saving you space while letting you do all the things you’ve come to depend on blenders and juicers for. With the 3X Bluicer Pro you can juice and blend everything in your produce bin, including vegetables and fruit. The unit works by interchanging the juicing chute with its attachable pulp bin or the blending jug, which also works as a carafe for juicing. The blender uses Breville’s Kinetix contoured blade and bowl system paired with Cold Spin Technology to extract fresh juice and send it straight into the blender jug. You can use the 3X Bluicer Pro to make slushies, smoothies, cocktails, and more.

3X Bluicer™ Pro blender and juicers

While Breville is helping you improve your own well-being by getting more servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet, they’re also helping to end childhood hunger. Breville is teaming with SoulCycle to help raise money for No Kid Hungry, a national campaign that is working to end childhood hunger in America. The partnership started with a tour through five cities where the 3X Bluicer Pro was put on display in SoulCycle studios. “What I love about this partnership is that it underscores SoulCycle’s mission to have an impact on people’s minds, bodies and souls. While the 3X Bluicer Pro makes it even easier for me to create nutritious post-workout bluices, at the same time, just having access to produce isn’t something any of us should take for granted, and so I’m honored to be a part of this campaing with No Kid Hungry and Breville,” said SoulCycle instructor Jenny Gaither. Jill Davis, No Kid Hungry’s Chief Revenue Officer, said, “At No Kid Hungry, we know the solution to end childhood hunger. We team up with the right partners across the country to make sure all kids get the healthy food they need to thrive.”

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3X Bluicer™ Pro

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