The Mannkitchen MK9 Knife is Apparently Meant for Man Hands

Are you one of the statistic? Since 1965, the number of men who are cooking at home in the US has grown by 44.8 percent. If you’re part of that growth, then you have learned from firsthand experience the importance of getting the right equipment. The Mannkitchn MK9 knife is one implement that you can’t go without.

The MK9 is a chef’s knife unlike any other. For starters, it’s bigger. The handle is bigger and the blade is wider. The bigger handle is meant for, obviously, bigger hands. But why a wider blade? The wider blade allows you to chop without racking your knuckles against the cutting board. A wider blade also allows you to more easily scoop the ingredients you’ve just cut. Wider blades also have longer lives. The blade also has a rounded back so that your pinch grip is more comfortable. Plus the curve of the blade allows for a more ergonomic grip.

The knife is made of X63 Nitrogen steel. This steel takes an edge and keeps it, without chipping out. It has a hardness of 63 HRC and is corrosion resistant. By using nitrogen in the alloying process, a tighter grain is achieve in the steel, which means that it can take a surgical sharpness, it has a higher edge retention, and it is more resistant to corrosion. The scales are made of G10 rather than wood. Wood scales will crack and split over time with exposure to water. The G10 scales are made of resin and fiberglass, so they aren’t bothered by water, plus they have a non-slip grip. Additionally, the MK9 has a micro bolster, which has all the benefits of a full bolster without interfering with point-to-heel sharpening.

Ask any chef, and you’ll find out that the one tool they rely on the most is their chef’s knife. So if you’re a modern man who is spending more time in the kitchen, you’ll want a knife that works for you, like the Mannkitchen MK9.

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