This Glorious Pizza Oven Rig Fits 12 Pizzas

This item was recently featured on Amazon and it puts a dream of pizza mountains into clear perspective. The Bakerstone Pizza Oven Basics can hold a whopping 12 pizzas up to 12” in its box enclosure. The idea goes like this: you convert a three-burner gas barbecue with a large charcoal model to produce one single pizza oven. It’s genius.

 bakerstone pizza oven rig front view

The Basics model can be used on 22 different charcoal models. Pizzas cook real fast, as in like 2-4 minutes. The ovens are versatile too, able to work with bread, cookies, even roast meats and fish. There are probably other ways to use this beast of an oven too.

freshly baked pizza

With an oven rig like this, you can really turn up the heat on the party and feed a gang of friends in one sitting very easily without having to go back and recook more pizzas. It is truly a powerful concept for cooking and baking.

Check it out

ingredients pizza preparation

bakerstone oven rig black

pizza in the bakerstone oven rig

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