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$100k+ Wolf 1834 Churchill Safe is a Small Investment for What’s Inside

Protecting your valuables is an item on everybody’s list. When that list of valuables includes a collection of uber-expensive luxury watches, you’ll only want to trust someone who makes a quality safe, let alone someone who cares about your rare timepieces. While a safety deposit box at a bank would surely work to keep your collection safe, it’s not exactly convenient, and it’s not going to care for your watches. There’s only one real solution to safekeeping that Patek Philippe, what you need is the Wolf 1834 Churchill Watch Safe.

Wolf 1834 Churchill Safe Features

Weight: 1025 lbs / 465 kg
Control: Bluetooth user-controlled app
Rotation Options: 1-1,999 turns per day
Directional Settings: clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional
Start delay: Up to 255-hour delay
Other notable features: Returns to turns 12 o’clock upon completion, patented lock-in cuff design, luxurious nubuck leather interior, exceeds standards for S1-S2 NH rating awarded by insurance companies.

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Wolf is well known in the horological world for its high-tech watch winders. For over 185 years, Wolf has been making winders that meticulously keep your watches ready to be worn. For the Churchill Watch Safe, the brand has added in an array of winders that are Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to carefully control and monitor their function.

These watch winders use Wolf’s patented algorithms to precisely turn your watch a specific count each day, keeping it in good working condition. And while winders are a good reason to buy a watch safe, they’re pretty worthless if they don’t keep your watches safe. And that’s why Wolf forges their safes out of steel and utilises nine bi-directional steel bolts in the construction.

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Access to the safe is gained through secure electronic Sargent and Greenleaf keypads. And then Wolf steps things up another notch. They wrap the safe in top grain leather and trim it out with rare woods. When you open the safe, a light turns on to illuminate the winders, drawers, and shelves. Not only are these safes secure, but they’re also beautiful. “You buy a Churchill because you love the way it looks, loves the security that it affords, and you know it can keep all your watches wound,” says Simon Wolf of Wolf 1834. “It is a statement of luxury and status, and it embodies what you place inside.”

If protecting your investment in a collection of fine and rare watches is top of your list, then you’ll want to check into the Wolf 1834 Churchill Watch Safe. You can purchase the safe starting at $95,995.

Check it out

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