Architect Transforms Old Cement Factory into His Home; The Result will Blow Your Mind

1973, just outside Barcelona, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a dilapidated WWII-era cement factory. He purchased it and immediately began converting the ruined structure into a home. It took years of partial demolition and renovations before Bofill’s team could even begin to furnish the interior. For a more natural appearance, the team also proceeded to lace the exterior with vegetation. Now, almost 45 years into the project, the old factory is almost unrecognisable and has transformed into an architectural marvel, while retaining its industrial aesthetic. Although there’s still work to be done, as Bofill’s visions for the future continues to evolve.

la fábrica bofill home internal architecture

Dubbed La fábrica, the modified factory resembles a gothic castle with its windowed towers and also a Californian mansion with its tropical palms and rooftop swimming pool. But Bofill intended neither and instead, simply wanted a home that blurred the lines between work and leisure. Inside there are a variety of relaxation spots overwhelmed by natural light and furnished with bookcases, comfy couches and there’s even a grand piano. Bofill’s office is situated inside a smokestack, making corners irrelevant to design. Over the years the exterior has been consumed by grass, eucalyptus, palm, and olive trees that only compliment Bofill’s vision.

BoredPanda brought this home to our attention and revel in the fact that creative thinking can transform any space into something new and something beautiful.

la fábrica bofill architecture

Images: BoredPanda

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la fábrica bofill piano with chair

la fábrica bofill bedroom architecture

la fábrica bofill drawing room and dor architecture

ricardo bofill concrete factory interior

bofill factory study area with stair view

bofill factory wall architecture

bofill factory round stair wall architecture

bofill factory sitting space with nature

bofill factory dining room decoration

bofill factory home outer view

bofill factory home outer wall covered with grass

bofill factory entrance with stair

bofill factory covered with nature

bofill factory outside plant view

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