1960s Florida Ranch Oasis is the Most Beautiful at the Ball

It’s basically the plot of a fairy tale. A little house surrounded by beautiful mansions is overlooked until finally, a charming prince comes along and sees the true potential of this ranch home. That’s what happened for the 1960s Florida Ranch Oasis just outside of Sarasota.

Florida Ranch Oasis lounge

Called the “Strandhus,” Norwegian for “beach house,” the ranch home is part of Lido Shores, an area known for its architecture where homes are often referred to as being built in “The Sarasota School of Architecture” method. The Strandhus was completely rebuilt by Sweet Sparkman Architects. The property consists of two wings with a water element serving as the centre of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The 40-foot lap pool lines one side of the home on the outside, while the indoor portion consists of a wading pool covered by a pergola. With both wings combined, the home offers just over 4,600 square feet of space. Most of the floor plan remains on one level, creating a sprawling complex that seamlessly joins indoor and outdoor living. There are five en-suite bedrooms, including a mother-in-law apartment with its own private entrance and kitchenette.

Florida Ranch Oasis dining area

The master bedroom is in a separate wing from the rest of the bedrooms and is connected to the home with a glass walkway. The purchase of a neighbouring lot made it possible to add on to the home while still preserving the original footprint. The home is decorated in whites and light blues with wood accents, clearly representing the beautiful sandy beaches of Florida.

The home makes the most of the climate, inviting the cool ocean breeze into the house. The custom landscaping further offers a connection to the environment, making this home a true oasis. At last this diamond in the rough will be recognized for its true beauty.

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Florida Ranch Oasis bedroom

Florida Ranch Oasis cabinets in the kitchen blue paint in wall

Florida Ranch Oasis garden area

Florida Ranch Oasis poolside

Florida Ranch Oasis pool view