A Little Design Makes Micro Apartments in Taipei Feel Like Home

Micro-apartments are becoming increasingly popular. As an answer to the shortage of housing, and the increases in renting apartments in urban areas, micro-apartments look at space in a new way, offering innovations to make a tiny area feel large and habitable.

lounge area

A Little Design, a design company based in Taipei, Taiwan, is gaining a reputation for turning unused space into micro-apartments. Their projects include a 22 square metre apartment in Taiwan and a smaller 17.6 square metre apartment. Both make use of space-saving furniture and built-in storage to maximise the available space.

apartment's kitchen area

Loft beds cover bathrooms and laundry rooms. Storage reaches from floor to ceiling. As small as the home is, however, it provides the comforts the owners are looking for. The 22 square metre apartment features a full bath for the owner to relax in after long trips. The mezzanine level of the apartment has both a bed and a desk designed for someone sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The smaller apartment was actually a piano studio before A Little Design found it. They had to redistribute the apartment’s spaces, making more room in the living, sleeping, and bathing spaces.

These projects take a lot of ingenious thinking of how space can serve multiple functions, and what really makes us comfortable in our living space.

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can’t feel like home.

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stairway look micro apartment

bathroom micro apartment in indonesia

inside door to kitchen apartment