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Armadale Residence by Architect Rob Mills

Recently we featured the work of architect Rob Mill’s, showcasing his Ocean House build, located along the Great Ocean Road. Now we present Rob’s own Armadale Residence, the generous and sustainable multi-generational home the architect designed for himself and his extended family.

Formerly an industrial space, architect Rob Mills occupied the property for some years familiarising himself with the volumes while working to uncover its true potential. He desired to blur the lines between the exterior environment and the main living spaces. This brings commanding views of the parklands and associated district into the daily lives of the occupants on every level of the home and in every room.

On each of the three levels, the design allowed for the creation of multiple distinct environments, artfully combining private and shared spaces. A highly sculpted staircase unifies the levels while filtering light from above.

The first floor houses a vast and generous space with expansive fenestration bringing the natural environment beyond into the main living area. Here, the occupants are literally amongst the trees. On the periphery, a watercourse contained in solid brass runs from outside the home along the boundary wall further emphasising a natural and vibrant connection between inside and out.

Rendered velvet-like concrete, extensive use of stone and Fior de Pesco Carnico marble floors extend into the kitchen. Metal extends throughout the home with architraves in highly detailed brass. The family’s daily living extends to the Winter Room, where luxurious furnishings and an open fire embellish paneled timber walls. The ground floor also offers a self-contained two bedroom apartment perfect for grandparents and visitors.

On the level above, the parent’s and children’s rooms are isolated from each other, creating a quiet refuge for the adults. The silk-carpeted master bedroom features a private terrace in the treetops. Moving to the interior, a large walk-in robe leads to the master ensuite with views of the open sky over the rooftops of Armadale.

The ensuite floors and vanity facades are in quartz stone which continues into the shower. Warmth is introduced through the use of brass tapware, towel racks, and fixtures. The bath and vanity are in Cristalplant, a highly specialised bio-based polymer from Italy with a matte surface that’s velvet-like and warm to the touch.

On this same level, the children’s bedrooms are playful with nostalgic round windows. Each of the children’s bedrooms has an ensuite with materials echoing the rest of the home.

Rob Mills wants you to know that his Armadale Residence is not a suburban home. It’s a luxurious residence which is gratifyingly spacious, with space being the most refined of luxuries.

It innovates by using traditional materials in a contemporary way. Armadale Residence endures, providing well-being for the architect’s family and their daily lives.

Salone del Mobile, 2019 saw this renowned Australian architect present the purpose and design principles of Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors (RMA) to an international audience at an intimate event and acted as the official launch of his new short film, ‘The Search’.

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